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Why should I convert my text to outlines?

Converting your text to outlines is a simple procedure that will allow us to open your artwork file(s) without us needing to have a copy of the fonts you've used on our computers. It converts your type into shapes.

Can you match a Pantone color?

No, but if it's a Pantone color that converts to CMYK easily we'll get as close as we can. We use digital equipment to print your color artwork, so there are no inks to mix and we are not able to use Pantone brand inks.

What is vector art?

Vector art uses points, lines, curves and shapes or polygons based on mathematical equations to represent images in computer graphics. Vector art can be enlarged or shrunk easily without any loss of resolution. The most common applications used to create Vector art are Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Vector art is the opposite of raster art. Raster art is the representation of images as an array of pixels. Resolution determines the ability to reproduce a file made of Raster art.

How do I set up my artwork if it touches or bleeds off the edge?

Artwork that extends off the edge of a product should be set up so that it extends at least 1/8" (.125) beyond the edge where you want the imprinting to stop. Please verify that you know the exact size of the product you wish to have your artwork bleed off the edges on prior to setting up and submitting your artwork for imprinting.

How fast will you review my artwork after it is submitted?

Artwork submitted by 1:00 PM PST, Monday through Friday, will be reviewed by 4:30 PM the same day. Artwork submitted after 1:00 PM PST, Monday through Friday, will be reviewed the following business day. Upon review, a digital proof is generated and emailed to you.

How fast will you ship my imprinted order?

If you ordered imprinting at our standard turnaround, your order will ship within three business days of artwork approval. For example, if your artwork is approved on a Monday, your order will ship on Thursday. If you ordered expedited turnaround, your order will ship the day following artwork approval. For example, if your artwork is approved on a Monday, your order will ship on Tuesday.

How long will you keep my art files?

One year.

Does the setup fee apply to reorders?

Yes. Even though we may have previously imprinted your artwork, setting up the equipment with your art and product configuration must still be repeated.

Can you guarantee your turnaround times, even in large quantities?

We guarantee that your order will ship on time provided that we have the items to be imprinted in stock at the time of artwork approval, up to 200 units for standard turnaround and 25 units for sonic turnaround. If you're ordering in quantities larger than these, please contact us to verify turnaround times.

Can I request a physical proof of my artwork placed on the product to be imprinted?

Yes you can, but it would be considered a single-piece order and billed as such. Should you subsequently place an order for 50 or more pieces, we will credit you in full for the cost of the first item (not including freight), assuming there was no change made to the artwork between the proof and the order.

Can you print with metallic inks?

Sadly, no.

Can you print with clear inks?

We can't print with clear ink, but we have some tools that we use to give a very similar look, depending on the substrate. Ask us for details.

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